All homes, offices or classrooms we gat are listed in the Caller Times Classifieds #965 every Friday and Saturday or under webpage, homestobemoved.com, or Craig's List.

These buildings are so cheap because they have to be moved and usually quickly, therefore buyers must have their property and money ready.

We now subcontract to mover that have worked for us for years, some for 30 years.  In the last 42 years, we have moved over 14,280 homes. For years I was the Southern US's largest mover.  I moved in over 40 cities.  In Atlanta I moved over 1,200 homes at Jackson Hartfield International Airport, the world's busiest airport.  In Houston, I moved over 1,500 at Bush Intercontinental, the Gallaeria, the IH 610 Circle and the Nolan Ryan Expressway.  Several years ago, I moved over 300 homes for Citgo and Koch refineries.  Our expertise can be seen in the antique homes we've moved for Corpus Christi at Heritage Park, for Houston's Allen's Landing and Pensacola's Seville Square.  In Corpus we moved theold Tex Mex Railroad building for the Visitor's Center, and the Buddy Lawrence home that was nearly impossible to be moved.

In moving over 14,000 homes, we had 18 complaints on about 1 out of ever 940 jobs.  No company has moved more in the entire country.  We have never had a serious accident in moving.  I have only damaged two street lights and one stop sign in the 1000s of oversized loads.

Saving old homes, our heritage, giving someone a home for 20-25% of the cost of a new home.  Enabling someone to own a home that could possibly never done any other way, is my passion.